Parramore Community Garden to host "Fall Harvest Share"

Parramore Community Garden is fifth stop on's Mobile Art Show road tourHeather Allebaugh from the City of Orlando left a comment on the post where I was asking "Why is there no Parramore Farmers Market?". I don't have an answer to the question yet, but Allebaugh did hint at an upcoming event:
"The neighborhood is working on a fall harvest share at the Parramore Community Garden. Details and dates are still being finalized."
Sounds like a possible sort-of farmers market to me. She said she'd email me when she has the date/time/place info. As soon as she gets it to me, I'll share it with you.
And speaking of the Parramore Community Garden, go check it out. Its a fenced garden maintained by the citizens of Parramore. On August 5, 2009, Mobile Art #1 tried to bring attention to it by making it stop five on the day-long, seven-stop art show on wheels.
We need more community gardens like the one in Parramore because (a) they get fresh veggies into the hands of city folk, (b) they turn blighted property into something fantastic and (c) Bette Midler likes them. But for now, go check out the one in Parramore.'s Mobile Art Show at Paramore Community Garden
Aug 5, 2009