Milk District | Black Friday Sale

On Black Friday, Friday, November 27, 2009, after you pick up your $29 tv from Wal Mart at 4am in the morning, drive down to the Milk District where they're having their own sales. This is a hood full of local businesses and locally-made products. Shop local, y'all.

ETOILE (women's clothing and jewelry)
15% off storewide | Fill-a-bag sale | $5-$10 rack | boozy punch and snacks

Covert (skate shop)
$25 shoes | $5 gift tins

Beta | Clothing
Sale of undescribed value

Sportstown (Bar)
Free pool till 7pm | $1.75 domestics

Social Chameleon (Restaurant)
$1 off any drink with Milk District receipt

The Bookworm (used book store)
thousands of books priced at 25 cents to a dollar

Drop Shop (music)
Vinyl 40% off

Bull and Bush (bar)
All 20 oz pints import draft $3.50 | Half pints $2
16oz PBR & domestic bottles $1.75 | Witterkerke cans $2 | Import bottles $2