Lake Wales Star Gaze at Bok Tower

The Lake Wales Star Gaze will be November 19, 2009, 5:30pm-8pm at Bok Tower Gardens. Pre-registration is required. $5 Adults & Members / $1.50 children ages 5-12. Limited space. Sky permitting; alternate date: Friday, November 2009.

What to expect
After a brief instructional talk (5:30 – 6pm) you will be led to the open field (6:15pm-8 pm) where several telescopes will be available to view the night sky at different angles.

About the gaze
At this time of the month when only the thin crescent moon will fill the sky with light, more than a thousand stars should be visible at any given time as well as the planet Jupiter; Albireo, a double star in the constellation Cygnus and the "Double Cluster," two open star clusters near the constellation Cassiopeia. Other stellar sights include "The Keystone Cluster," the globular star cluster in Hercules. A short introduction by Karl Gould of WIU at the Visitor Center will precede the field observation. Bring a red light flashlight.