Help: January Birthday Events

Happy Birthday Jesus!
You were so helpful with our reader who needed help with Thanksgiving activities, we're passing along another reader's email request for help.
Last year for my birthday I hosted "Seven Days of Celebration." The idea was to do something every night for seven nights so that all my friends would be able to attend at least one the events. I also saw it as an opportunity to give everyone a taste of Orlando. I would like to do it again this year, but I do not want to do the same events as last year. Last year we went to SAK, Semoran Skateway, Dinner at a local restaurant, a cult classic film at Enzian, Curtis Earth Trivia, Mark and Lorna at the Red Fox Lounge, and a surprise adventure which entailed fireworks and a lot of ice cream. I like to keep things affordable especially if people want to attend more than one event. So free to cheap would be fantastic.

Here are the ones suggested by readers in the past and a few of my own ideas sprinkled in:

Leu Gardens
-free on Monday mornings

Meade Garden
-always free

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
-Free Friday Nights 4-8pm

Pinocchio's Marionette Theater
-$5 a ticket

Green Sky Growers Rooftop Garden Tour
-$10 on Saturdays

Winter Park Boat tour
-$12, 10:00am through 4:00pm on the hour, cash/check only

Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake
-hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, playing & animal petting

Cady Way Trail
-bike to old Winter Park & residential streets