Global design explorers Jay Corless & Sali Sasaki design finds: traveling team scours the country and showers Orlando

Self-identified global design explorers Jay Corless and Sali Sasaki rented one of the empty gallery spaces in the Orlando City Arts Factory (29 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801). Thank God someone is/did/are. Downtown is broke.

For the month of Novemdecember, the couple is in Orlando as part of their exploration of over 30 American of the cities that met their “creative city criteria." What is their criteria? Its not getting paid to ride rides and go to fundraisers. They "cross-referenced economic reports, with media coverage and membership in professional design organizations. (They) chose cities that are not often in the spotlight and are pursuing enlightened strategies and ideas."

Someone on this blog is jealous of someone's life(s), having visited over 80 American cities sans a cool website to show for it.

The Novemdecember-long downtown street-facing window-laden show is a "showcase of original art, prints and gifts that reflect the fun, comfort and inspiration (FCI) they have discovered during their expeditions. Through original paintings, drawings, limited edition prints, unique objects, and rare album/book cover art." They're showing their creative-city-criteria-based wares November 19, 2009 to December 14, 2009, Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 noon to 7pm. Follow them on twitter.