Artists and Writers Crawl Mills 50

12-8-09 UPDATE: Check here for new info on changes in location and times of this event.

Thomas Thorspecken brought the Sketch Crawl to Orlando on on July 11, 2009, an event where artists (of all skill levels) bounced from location to location in downtown Orlando, group-sketching for half a day. Now he's partnering with Mary Ann de Stefano to co-present Artists and Writers Crawl (Facebook) from 6pm December 12, 2009 to 2am December 13, 2009 taking place in the Mills 50 business district. It starts at 6pm at Funky Monkey on Mills.

Writers will now join the visual artists in this group event, making observations of the landscape and scenery in their own medium, then share their sketches, writing, and responses to the event on their blog. It promises to be "a time and space where your poems, stories, and art can happen; where you can push yourself past your usual limits; and where you can connect with other creative people."

Speaking of connecting with creative people, our 5th open-to-the-public group brainstorm meetup called MOOM is this Saturday, November 20, 2009, 8am-9am (super quick!) at Urban Think! Bookstore in downtown Orlando. They're opening up early just for us so please jot down what your working on, come down, get some creative help from group think.