Owners of the Orlando Baja Fresh franchise say finding high quality fresh mexican food is "very hard"

Reyad Nofal and Missada Abukhdair, owners of the brand new UCF location of the chain "Baja Fresh," the first in Orlando, are saying “It is very hard to find high quality fresh Mexican food.”

Um, no its not. And we prove it every month. TheDailyCity.com does a monthly meetup introducing Orlando readers to new sources of "high quality fresh Mexican food" called Taco Truck Taste Test. It is not hard to find high quality fresh Mexican food in Orlando whatsoever. Come to our meetups and find out. Locals are making great fresh Mexican food every single day and we help readers find it with our monthly event. The next one is Saturday, October 17, 2009.

What is Taco Truck Taste Test?