MOOM #4 | Oct 16, 2009 | 8am | Seven Sisters Coffee

The fourth incarnation of the monthly creative meetup, MOOM will be Friday, October 16, 2009 from 8am-9am at Seven Sisters Coffee (911 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL‎, 407-601-4475)‎

Jeff Wirth | The Daily City is excited to announce that Jeff Wirth will be acting as Guest Host for the October 16th MOOM meetup. He is the creator of the Interactive Performance Lab and is very well known in the creative and improv communities in and outside Orlando.

What is MOOM? | MOOM is short for "Meeting of the Orlando Minds." MOOM will be a place for Orlando creative movers and shakers to connect (and re-connect) with each other, to discuss details of current projects and upcoming plans, and to to share resources and build interdisciplinary collaborations that create a more robust creative community in Orlando.

Past MOOMs
August 14 at Roho Art and Coffee
July 24 at Rockn Joes Coffee
June 10 at Barnies Coffee