The bridegroom cometh January 2-8, 2010

You ever think about hundreds of groups and orgs and companies and churches that come to Orlando each day and fill up the meeting rooms? I don't. But I found out that Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is having its 39th Annual World Conference here January 2-8, 2010 and now I wonder what other craziness imports itself into our city.

From the website: "Partner, I sincerely believe that we are the generation that will bring Jesus back! You need to be prepared! You need to be ready!" Wow who knew? Tickets are "$135 individual and $270 married couple." Get that? Married. No hanky panky at the "ministry-discounted" Hilton, please.

So what do singles and MARRIED DAMMIT couples get for $135/$270?
"Under the direct action of the Holy Spirit, I will take you step by step and show you how you will:
Receive a new vision
Rekindle your lost dreams
Claim a new future for yourself and your family
Receive healing from emotional wounds
Walk in physical health
Experience superabundance in your life
Conquer negative circumstances
Break through longstanding habits
Take back all that the enemy has stolen from your life"
Amen! Bue wait, there's more:
"As a culminating part of our 2010 World Conference, I will set aside an entire day of fasting and prayer for a very special anointing service. I will personally anoint you with oil and pray that you will receive the miracle of a new beginning in your life and prepare you to be a part of Jesus' Bride, made ready for His soon return."
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