Blank Space Opening Preview

"Environmental artist" Jefre is having an opening preview from his new visual art gallery called "Blank Space" Wednesday October 21, 2009. 201 East Central Boulevard (Old Sterling Realty Gallery - Corner Rosiland and Central) . RSPV:
6pm Reception
7pm City of Orlando Ribbon Cutting
7:15pm Program - Orlando REDUX : 20 slides x 20 Seconds = Future of Orlando
Donna Dowless (an eclectic artist who hands out glass hearts and prays with you) is hosting, "presenters" (whatever that means?) are sven bode, forest young, phillip rosado, curt littlecott, steve kodsi & ted maines and JEFRË. The Featured Artist is MOL and the performance artist of the night is DRIP.

I've gotten tons of press releases from this gallery and I still do not understand the concept. Has anyone been as a guest (who doesn't own it or perform/create with them? What the heck is it in your own words?