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AAA wants laws to ban "texting while driving" AND wants to continue research. Why?

AAA wants a law passed that will make texting while driving illegal. They want to "encourage greater common sense" aka pass this law, and at the same time "continue to research the causes and effects of these events." So, pass the law now, before all the research has been done, and then continue the research. Why continue the research when you're already wanting to pass a law based on existing research? Isn't he basically saying that the existing research is not enough by continuing it? So why is this law even being considered? "We should certainly continue to research the causes and effects of these events, analyze that information and work to implement public policy to improve driver safety, but at the same time, we must encourage greater common sense,” said Tom O’Brien, president and chief executive officer of AAA South, in a release."Why does this person pit common sense against research? They're one in the same. I have to have the findin…

Give a day, get a Disney Day

Disney World gave you free admission on your birthday in 2009. (I did it this year) Starting January 1, 2010, they want you to work for it. Give a day up to volunteer, get a free ticket to Disney World says Disney. This new program (a) replaces the birthday program and (b) has a limited number of tickets (one million) to give out and (c) you have to do your volunteering by December 15, 2010. Sign up here.

The program gets its "volunteer opportunities" through Hands On Network. You sign up (through the Disney site), choose an opportunity (a day of volunteering), do the volunteering, get verified and then you get your ticket.

If you want your org to be considered as one of the beneficiaries of all this volunteerism, go here.

The Hands On Network has what are called Action Centers. They "reach 83% of the population, facilitating more than 30,000 projects a month. Our network also includes more than 70,000 nonprofit, faith, education and community-based organizations. There …

Dr Sketchys moves to Stardust for October

For October, the monthly art/fun event Dr Sketchys Anti Art School will not at Tatame, the usual location, but at Stardust Coffee, on October 7, 2009. Bring your sketch pad and pen/pencil/watercolors/blood to Stardust and get to sketchin'.What is Dr Sketchys? In normal life classes, silent students sit in a silent room and draw a bored, oft-uninteresting model. In Dr. Sketchy's we've got scandalous performers as models. We've got ridiculous art contests (best incorporation of a woodland animal? Best imagined costume?), comedic skits good music and flashy prizes. We've got a selection of posh beverages - alcoholic and not - available to buy.

At Dr. Sketchy's, we don't care if you picked up a pad yesterday or 50 years ago. Come to drink or to draw. We're happy to have you. Dr. Sketchy's is in 80 cities and 4 continents around the world.

Orlandoan Ted Murphy makes Time freaking magazine!

Congratulations to Orlando entrepreneur (and my former boss) Ted Murphy for making Time Magazine this month in a feature about his latest venture, a paid tweeting company called Sponsored Tweets! Seeing his name in print in Time freaking magazine was surreal. In 2005 he was tossing hotel brochures on my desk asking me to make podcasts from them and now? Time freaking magazine. And me, well, I uh, I've done... I mean I've appeared in... shit. Ted 1, Mark 0.

NTDWO: Turn your ringer off

It happens to EVERYone. You forget to turn your ringer off. Well, this time, it happened to someone while they (and an audience full of people including the person filming this video, ahem) were watching a Broadway show staring Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. Its horribly embarrassing, I feel for the person, but I am relieved beyond words the two stars of this show had enough class to not go off on them like Patti LuPone, who thinks every human being is born with theatre etiquette sewn into their brains. (NTDWO = Nothing to Do With Orlando)

New Gallery Alert: LatZero

LatZero Fine Art Gallery is having its grand opening Friday, October 16, 2009, 6:00pm - 10:00pm at 113 North Hyer Avenue, Orlando, FL. (Info: 954-646-5923,, Facebook Event). It will be presenting a show called "Imaginary Friends."

The exhibit will feature a collection of works ranging in styles and influenced by cartoon expressionism, neo-graffiti, digital art, and more. Live performance by SUENALO! a Miami based descarga music band. This same group of artists will be represented at Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 with a collection of new works.

New (Sanford) store alert: Fawn

My friend just signed a contract to sell her stuff to a store opening in October in Sanford called "Fawn." Congrats to my friend and to this new indie locally-owned small business.

"Located in the idyllic historic district of downtown Sanford, Fawn is an Urban Family Boutique founded on the idea that just because we live in the sub-urbs shouldn’t mean “sub-standard” when it comes to our kids! Availability of hipster fashion and cool products can sometimes be a challenge.

It is the mission of Fawn to honor individuality by offering a distinctive blend of modern and designer clothing, gear, gifts and accessories for infants, children, moms, and moms-to-be. To emphasize the urban part of suburban, and to help connect a growing community of a new generation of moms!

Fawn is the brainchild of local artist and self-proclaimed "hip mama" Freedom Martinez, who wanted to bring together her passions for inspiring women, connecting people, earth-friendly practices, and …


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"Four decades ago, Parramore was a bustling downtown Orlando neighborhood with a thriving business community and two theaters. Today, those theaters are gone and many businesses have been shuttered, thanks to nearly 40 years of social change and neglect that led the community to become blighted, poverty-stricken and crime-ridden. Now, Parramore is home to a hodge-podge of inconsistent development. Single-family homes are across the street from warehouses, undeveloped lots and a noticeable lack of neighborhood retail. The area also has too many rental properties; neglectful, absentee landlords; and too few home owners." -Jill Krueger, Orlando Business Journal, 2005

Parramore is going through a rebirth. A gigantic events arena is bring built, FAMU Law School has been built and there's a new gay bar.

Parramore Community Garden

The new stadium/arena

Halloween Costumes for Women

Where in Orlando do you recommend women (and men for that matter) go for Halloween costumes? Know anyone who makes them by hand? Any off the beaten path places?

Enzian gets me excited. And I just can't hide it.

I feel like I write about Enzian Theater a lot. Want to know why? -Their emails get me excited about their product through (a) good design and (b) some unidentifiable spirit that what they offer is important and relevant and hooks into a movement in other cities.

-I have this sense that they always have something going on, even if its not true. Perception is everything.

-They go places. They sent two people to the Toronto Film Festival recently to scout new films. That is cool. And then they did some youtube videos about the trip and the films they saw. That is cooler.

-They are showing me their product ONE MONTH before it hits the theatre by inviting me to press screenings.Their latest event is Beyond Bollywood: 15th Annual South Asian Film Festival, October 3-5, 2009, taking place at Enzian Theater. You can see every film with their $35 Series Pass, or its $10 a film.

Your dog in snow on Halloween!

On October 31, not only will children be dressed as monsters begging for candy from strangers, which is odd to begin with, but another strange (but fun and neat) event will be taking place. The University of Doglando is celebrating their one year anniversary and inviting Central Florida dogs to to a "snow pawty." There will be REAL snow for real dogs to play on over 3.5 acres of land. The party happens October 31, 2009 10 a.m - until the snow melts at University of Doglando (12276 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32826, 407-574-3160). This is a FREE event geared for dogs and owners/families.

(Note: That video was taken in Alaska by me January 2009 and is not intended to be an example of what you will see October 31, 2009 in Orlando.)

Help Georgia: Eat Chicken

According to recent news reports, parts of northwest and south-central Georgia, as well as the metro Atlanta area, were still under flood warnings Wednesday. Central Floridians can help raise money for Georgia flood victims this Tuesday (Sept. 29) by eating chicken. A dollar from every $7.99 Tropical Trios meal sold at any of the 15 Pollo Tropical restaurants in Orlando will go through the Salvation Army and help those in need in Georgia. You don't have to tell the employees anything or make a pecial request. Its done automatically.

The Milk District

The Milk District (website) is an Orlando, Florida coven of fun shops, restaurans and bars on and around Robinson, just a drive from downtown. The name of the neighborhood comes from it's being so close to the TG Lee Milk processing plant.

skate shop
2428 E. Robinston St., Orlando, FL 32803, Facebook

vintage clothing & accessories
2424 E Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32803, Facebook

Kyle's Bike Shop
203 N. Primrose Drive, Orlando, FL 32803, Facebook

Little Joe's Primrose Tattoo Parlor
47 North Primrose Drive, Orlando, FL 32803, Facebook

The Book Worm
used books
2400 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32803

Food & Drink:
Beefy King
40 year old fast food restaurant

Bull & Bush
2408 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803

PomPom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria
restaurant with monthly art show, ppen 24/7 on weekends 67 N Bumby Ave., Orlando FL, 32803

Sandwich Bar
sandwichs, craft beer, wine
2432 E. Robinson St., Orlando, FL 32803, Facebook

Social Chameleon

Photos | Crimes of the Heart

The cast of Crimes of the Heart (Winter Garden Theatre) took some press photos with photographer Kristen Hanshaw Wheeler. See more of them here.

IHOP on Colonial has a balloon animal maker

I am not even kidding. It was a Saturday. Maybe its a weekend thing. But they have one.

Orlando ranked 8th best Fall 2009 destination

According to MSN Travel, Orlando is the 8th best spot to travel to in the Fall this year. Orlando ranked behind New York, Maine and Seattle.

“Fall is the perfect time to visit Orlando. For one thing, there are fewer tourists to compete with at such attractions as Walt Disney World, the Universal Studios resort and SeaWorld. On top of that, autumn in Florida feels like summer in much of the rest of the country, making this a great destination for extending warm-weather fun,” said MSN Travel.

Orlando's Kevin Keyser sees Babs up close in NYC

Saturday night an Orlando face was one of the lucky 123 people in New York City who got tickets to the one-night-only concert given at the teensy Vilage Vangard by Barbara Streisand. He won the tickets through a photo contest. And as it turns out, some people online didn't like his photo(s). "And Kevin Keyser, a casting director in Orlando, Fla., who entered the “cutest pet photo contest,” said he received rude Facebook messages about his dog, a Chihuahua named Punks.

'People said, ‘Your dog looks like a deer on Xanax,’” Mr. Keyser said. “It was shocking that people would directly send me a message to say that.'"

Robin Gallo's threatening headshot

Robin Gallo will do "Soulful Acoustic Pop/Funk" at the Winter Garden Music Festival October 2, 3 and 4, 2009, and she will beat the shit out of you if you don't come, judging from that bad-ass headshot. Her set is Saturday October 3, from 8:45-9:30pm at the Main Street Stage. Be there or her hair and those cuffs will find you and kill you.

The music lineup for this festival is all over the place. Scottish kilt-earing bag pipers to 15 year old mini-Britneys. My three favorite group names: Sounds Like Chicken, Men With Mortgages and Porchdogs.

Mama's Sauce | Damn Good Printing

Mama's Sauce Printing & Design Shop
1620 Alden Rd
Orlando, FL 32803
MAP | Twitter

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This shout-out is long over-due.

If you need a printer and you want to go local, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you use Mama's Sauce. They own this gigantic printing press I cannot afford to use (meaning they do high-end printing) and they have their normal-people printers (like Kinkos, but cheaper and better). Check this- they can do 11 by 17 prints, color, for 50 cents a piece. WHAT?! Their prices are beyond fair, the employees are nice AND helpful AND attractive (beat that, Kinkos). Mama's Sauce! I've used them several times and I'd recommend them till I'm blue in the face. Mama's Sauce: I drink it and you should too.

These are a few of the jobs they did for us that I was very, very happy with:

1. Program for A Night With the Girls 3

2. Print Version of The Daily City at Mobile Art Show

3. Posters for The Daily City at Mobile Art Show

Their old location:
700 w Fairban…