Simone gets concert-goers to recycle

"Every $100,000 spent on commercial software reproduction creates the global warming potential of approximately 29 metric tons of carbon dioxide," according to a recent study from researchers at Carnegie-Mellon university. "as well as 38 kilograms of toxic waste."

So, New Hampshire-based industry giant CD Recycling Center Of America has teamed up with Melbourne Florida band Simone to assist with a recycling effort September 4th. The band is asking oncert-goers to their 9pm show that night at AKA Lounge ($7 tix | 68 E Pine Street, Orlando, FL 32801) to bring at least one compact disc to be recycled. Their mission is to recycle two-thousand pounds of unused compact disc materials throughout the remainder of the year.

Since June, the band has placed a green recycling bin on stage at concerts and asks fans to fill it with old CDs, CD-ROMS,DVDs and video games they do not use anymore.