Rooftop garden tour

I'm getting a free tour this month of this fascinating rooftop garden project owned by Green Sky Growers out in Winter Garden. I'll report back with photos of couse. Just wanted to tell you about this place now because it sounds so cool! You can pay $10 on Saturdays to tour it. So, you might beat me to it! | rooftop garden?
"The Garden Building/Green Sky Growers will be the first Certified Green building in the world with commercial scale “Aqua-Dynamic Farming” on the rooftop. The rooftop farm will produce tons of fresh vegetables and fish on an annual basis without the use of harmful pesticides. The use of environmentally friendly growing practices will include the harvesting of rainwater that will be recycled in the Aqua-Dynamic growing systems. All the growing systems continuously recycle 100% of the nutrients and water.The majority of food produced will be hand delivered to the local Winter Garden community thus providing healthy, locally grown, & low carbon footprint food. Green Sky Growers is looking for local businesses interested in purchasing locally grown & pesticide free lettuces and herbs."