Photos | Mobile Art Show #1

Mobile Art Show | Orlando, FL
On August 5, 2009,'s very first Mobile Art Show took to the roads of Orlando, Florida. From 10am to 7pm, the show was either prepping, showing or traveling. For this first show, a UHaul was chosen to carry the over-40-piece collection of locally-made art because it was easier than getting an ice cream truck, which is the ideal vehicle for this. The locations for each stop were sent via twitter to I, Mark Baratelli, was the driver and Brian Feldman was the co-pilot. Dan Ginader assisted me in the hanging of the art.
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Press Coverage:
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What is Mobile Art Show:
Dan Ginader, friend to The Daily City, came to Stop #2 (Enzian Theatre) with his daughter and got some video of the proceedings there, went back home (after an errand-run to Publix) and edited together this video! He is awesome.

Truck Interior:
I rented the truck for a total of two days, so I could spend one day hanging the art and decorating the truck. When I was done, I made this video tour. The white bottles are filled with bubbles.

Stop #1 | 11:30am-12:00pm
Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Orlando Ave at Fairbanks

Brian thought it would be funny if we went to a "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" for our first stop, as there is a song called "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell." One visitor to the show told us there was not enough Christian art.
1st stop: Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
She thought we should have more Christian art.
Two people from a frame store
The rings were popular with the ladies
Twittering my location

Stop #2 | 12:15pm-1pm
Enzian Theatre
Orlando Ave, Maitland

After I decided to go to Enzian, everyone and their mother told me not to go there. I ended up selling one Barf Hand and three rings and a photographer from Metromix came by.

Josie and Dan Ginader with their rings and their cash
She bought a Barf hand

Stop #3 | 1:15pm-230pm
United Arts/ Clear Channel parking lot
Maitland, FL

Three people from United Arts came out of their offices, but only two actually got into the truck. A woman from a nearby office walked up to the truck and asked what it was. I said it was an art show. She turned her head, screamed at her friend across the parking lot "Its an art show!" and continued walking away.
In the Clear Channel parking lot
Picture 1

Stop #4 | 3pm-3:45pm
Edgewater Drive parking lot
This stop got rained out. Also, I left the back door open on the ride from Maitland and the floor and some of the paper on the walls got wet. Disaster. The co-owner of Infusion Tea sent me an email the day before, inviting me to park my truck in his lot. When I showed up, he claimed he had no idea I would be traveling in a UHaul and appeared startled. We did not set up the show and moved onto the next stop.

Stop #5 | 4pm-4:45pm
Parramore Community Garden
I chose this spot to bring attention to this wonderful urban garden endeavor. I love it, I think there should be more of them, and anything I can do to help, I will. Google it and go see it.

4th stop: Parramore Community Garden

Stop #6 | 5pm-6pm
Loving Hut on Colonial
Brian, my co-pilot, wanted to stop here so we could pull in front of the giant hot dog and give them the vegan middle finger. The artist who made the baby girl reindeer screenprints showed up on a moped! Also, Orlando Sentinel photographer Matthew Simantov, the publisher of a wakeboarding magazine and his wife, their two babies and a photog from Metromix showed up!
... and the giant hot dog stand
Orlando Sentinel photographer
Brian and Ericka's dog
The atist and her reindeer girls
Her husband owns a wakeboarding magazine

Stop #7 | 6pm-7pm
Barnes & Noble on Colonial
Erika from "War of the Worlds" and Brian thought it would be fun to park the truck in front of Barnes & Noble and get asked to leave. So I did. And we did.
Final stop: Barnes & Noble
Final stop: Barnes & Noble
Final stop: Barnes & Noble

Final Tally: 7 stops
Me and all the stops

Bye Mobile Art Show
Bye Mobile Art Show!

Thank you: Brian Feldman, Dan Ginader, Jozie, the artists in the show, Orlando Sentinel, Metromix Orlando, Orlando Weekly and Erica for publicizing the show to every single human being who came in and out of Barnes & Noble until we got kicked out.