Nutrisoda taste test at Bold Hype Gallery


P1230203Back in June, a PR company sent one sample of each of four not-yet-released flavors of a drink called "NutriSoda" so that I could film a taste test of each in my wonderfully quirky and horribly charming manner.

Well I got creative and chose to make it complicated. I set out to sample each flavor at a different location in Orlando, thus highighting the four flavors of the soda AND four Orlando locations. Synergy. Magic. And, it ties in with the theme of the blog.

The first location was inside Bold Hype, an awesome gallery in Audubon Park that allowed me to film inside it. I filmed that video and one other and when I went to watch them, it turned out the mic was not working properly. Since I only had the four cans they'd sent me, and I used two, I could not go back and re-film the taste tests. And then new projects fell in my lap. The videos never saw the light of day.

Until now.

I didn't release the videos because the sound sucked, but since the NutriSoda's PR company was nice enough to send me the samples back in June, dammit, I owe them SOMEthing. So, here is video #1 of me sampling the one called "Energize" with a horrible sound quality to boot. Enjoy.