Nutrisoda taste test at Mediterranean Cafe

The site of the second Nutrisoda Taste Test was the Mediterranean Deli (981 W. Fairbanks Ave. | Winter Park, FL 32804 | 407-539-2650). Black berry was the flavor and it was yummy. The can was dented upon arrival in the mail, and the can was half-empty, but it still tasted good.

Mediterranean Deli was good too. The man behind the counter calls everyone "my friend" and I saw him greet three customers by first name. There's a neighborhood vibe to the place. I had the three-salad plate and my friend Marcus had a gigantic sammich. Good prices, too.

Ok, here's my review of Nutrisoda Black berry

Mediterranean Deli:

The three-salad plate:

My friend's giant sammich (and peace sign)