News in a paper cup

United Arts wants you to tell them how to tweet
PeeWee's Playhouse is back. In LA at least.
Reviews, even from the NYTimes, do not matter
Ideas Orlando had a dessert table day
Florida close(er) to getting nuclear power
Today is the final day to give Dandelion $11.11
Emma Kruch has the best dress on in Orlando today

Yard Sale of the Apocalypse | Aug 15
8:30am - 6:30pm | 826 N Thornton Avenue | Orlando, FL | Truck pools. Beer bongs. 1,000 pairs of shoes. Book shelves. Adorable creatures. Storage devices. Vintage dresses. Lamps. Tables. Dishes. The spoils of the land of Milk and Honey, featuring the virgin and all her saints. Plants. Entire gardens for the taking.