Katie Ball is Katie Ball, but I am Oprah

89.9 WUCF interview with Art beat host Katie BallHere's my August 10, 2009 five-ish minute appearance on the local arts and culture radio show Art Beat, on WUCF 89.9 FM hosted by my Toasting Competition co-judge, Katie Ball.

"Improv comedian Mark Baratelli, the next Oprah?" "Whether self-appointed or unofficially elected by the local arts community, professional actor and improv comedian Mark Baratelli has ideas about how to make Orlando a vibrant cultural scene. Told with passion, humor and snark, Baratelli's tough-love message bears a surprising amount of weight." -Katie Ball

What is Art Beat? Host Katie Ball looks at arts events and news from UCF's cultural departments, as well as the wider Central Florida community. Tune in Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:01.