Hula Flash Mob in SF Apple store and some news

Disney Imagineering hiring graphic designer
Kid fashion show at Millenia Mall. Awwww.
Babak shoots hair fashon shows for a living
Sam Zell might get the boot
Universal raised its ticket price by $4
issuing $70 millof bonds to finance initial work on DPAC
Michael van Gelder sneaks us a pic of Kathy Griffin in Orlando
Eat with Elmo and a bunch of dirty children
ImplementationFest 2009 is Aug 18-20. Get defensive!
Orlando tourist: If the goat lady sits next to me I'm going to vomit.
Orlando Celebrity Smackdown ends today- Who gives a SHIT
Nursing home quarantined. What? I can't go see old people now?
They're designing a new nursing home. Whew!