Fractured Atlas Director of Membership holding Community Arts Forum

Blue bird poking fun at depressed art guyAdam Natale, director of membership for Fractured Atlas, will be in Orlando from Aug. 25th - Aug. 31st

Fractured Atlas is
-a non-profit organization that provides services and support to artists and arts organizations.
-a community of over 50,000 artists and arts groups from every discipline across the country and around the world.
-an innovator in the use of technology and 21st century business models to empower the community we serve.

Adam is holding a "Community Arts Forum"
Date: Tuesday, August 25th
Hours: 7-9:00 pm
Location: Maitland Art Center- Germaine Marvel Bldg.
210 W. Packwood Avenue, Maitland, Florida
Cost: FREE- open to the entire arts community

Fractured Atlas wishes to learn
-What makes the Orlando artist community unique? What local service organizations are helping artists like you?
-What artist services are sorely needed in your area? How is the economic recession impacting you as an artist?
-Do you communicate/network with other local artists?
-If Fractured Atlas were to create Orlando-specific services, what should those be?

Adam Natale | | (212)277-8020 ext.203

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