Delish Bakery | Sand Turkey District

I am naming a neighborhood. Help me make it happen! That strip of plazas (I hate you city planners) full of upscale chain restaurants lining Sand Lake Road at Turkey Lake Road? I want to call that area Sand Turkey District.

Make it happen.

I met the owner of Delish New York Bakery in the Sand Turkey District (Phillips Crossing Shopping Plaza, 8015 Turkey Lake Road, Suite # 200, Orlando, Florida 32819 | MAP). She is a recent transplant from New York City. I asked her why she moved here. I forget her reason.

The bagel dough is frozen in NYC and shipped to Orlando, then she makes them here fresh. Half of the contents of her dessert case is made here fresh. And, the cupcakes are $1 cheaper than Whole Foods two doors down. I checked. Delish.

These are two of what she calls "designer" cupcakes. I asked her if there was an apple stuck on the end of that stick inside the cupcake. She said no.

Margarita cupcakes with booze inside special-order.

These. Are. Cupcakes. I asked her if she bakes the cakes in the shape of a cone and then slides them in. No. She bakes the cone AND the cake at once, in an oven.

And of course, cupcakes for the kids. Though, I like the eyeballs myself.