The Daily City Chat | Thornton Park & Lake Eola Farmers Market

Pit Stain Alley at Lake Eola Farmers Market

The Daily City Chat with Dan and Mark
Topic: Thornton Park & Lake Eola Farmers Market
20 minutes

Explain how Mother Falcon works
Explore a bike/moped combo
Go into Dexters, look at the art of Brice Stephens and diss Dexters for their pricing and noise
Lambs Eat Ivy- weird name, but not as weird as HairVolution
find out the hours of Aroma, a wine bar
get honked at by Doug Bauser
diss Bikes Beans & Bordaux: "It looks like a chain."
diss Seven Sisters Coffee Shop: "Too many kids"
discuss local businesses looking like chain
diss the way Drunken Monkey wraps their sandwiches
diss Sodo: "Its like a city. But its fake."
ask why Thornton park is not called "downtown"
diss Lake Eola Farmers Market "Its the same damn people"
reveal that Sunday is the market, the rest of the week, homeless
meet the bread salesman "Dead baskets"
meet the puppet woman "He's got a skunk back"
meet a jelly woman "We don't use pectin"