Bring to Orlando: Rain barrels

The League of Women Voters in Chicago had artists paint 100, 55-gallon rain barrels in eye-catching designs to draw attention to the rain barrel water conservation method. They now line the city's streets and each one is tagged with 40 water-saving tips so passers-by can learn more.

What is a rain barrel?
A barrel that collects rain water you can then use to water your lawn and wash your car. The barrels have a hose spigot at the bottom. You can put the barrels on your roof, in your yard or attach one to a gutter.

Are they popular?
The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in Chicago buys rain barrels wholesale for $80 each but sells them for $40. Last year the district ordered 1,000 barrels and quickly sold out. In the last 10 months, the district has sold 2,500 rain barrels and just ordered several hundred more. In NYC, they sometimes do rain barrel giveaways.

How about Orlando?
I see that the city of Orlando knows about rain barrels, but I do not see any push to make them available through public means, whether for sale or for free. Its part of their GreenWorks project.

BTO=Bring to Orlando