Winter Park Farmers Market

Winter Park Farmers Market
Saturdays, 7am-1pm
New York Ave at New England Ave, Winter Park, FL
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Hands down, hands across America, hands in your pands, the Winter Park Farmers Market is THE market in Orlando to beat. It comes the closest to that bustling, energetic feeling you get when you're at a real farmers market. The merch was diverse, most of the vendors got creative with their displays (though some were surprisingly void of personality in product, display and salesmanship), and the people were in good spirits. Highly recommend a visit.
Hot as HELL outside so bring a shade umbrella, wig or large piece of cardboard shaped like a cloud.

Inside the air-conditioned barn thing. The food is in here. This had the feeling of a baby version of that food market at ground level in Grand Central Station in NYC. See if you agree with me.

I have NEVER seen better customer service than from Davis Bakery and Company. Many vendors at other tables were standing around, not making smal talk, etc. These people were smiling, talking, selling. Was fun to watch. And the food looks awesome. I didn't try it, but I would, just because they were so nice and outgoing to the other customers.

Boiled peanuts!

What? The woman selling this concoction also owns a mobile crepe cart. She told me she was the very first mobile crepe cart vendor in Central Florida and that she can't vend downtown during the week because she has a real job. This cart is not as cute as the one downtown AND its $2 more expensive than it. (This one is $6 a crepe, the other one is $4)

Veggie food shot

Here's the thing about this market. People WERE BUYING the fresh veggies. Bags in hand, cash being paid, veggies being bought. It was an actual market. The veggies were not there for display and color, but for consumption. And the prices were not outrageous Winter Park-ish.

This photo is not JUST cool because of the 4th Jonas Brother sitting on some boxes in the corner, but because this vendor has a tank that allows him to carry around live lobster. I now have an idea. I want to get him to meet me downtown, and I want to pay him for his time (and maybe his dead lobsters) and I want to vend lobsters to people like a food vendor. My threat to people would be that if they do not buy the lobsters by 5pm, I'd line them up in a line on the road and allow God's will to take hold with their lives. Also, he is opening a restaurant right next door to the Winter Park Playhouse called "Winter Park Fish Market" in two months.

This baby cheesecake is only $2!!! Amazing. And these vendors have as many flavors of them as half a Baskin Robbins. So creative. Two dollars, and it was gooooood.

Outdoor Seating to the right of the entrance to the air-conditioned-giant-barn-thing with all the food inside


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