The Wild Bunch Tuesday night for five bucks

The next film in the Enzian Cult Classic Film Series lineup is The Wild Bunch, showing Tuesday July 28, 2009 at 9:30pm for five bucks. And for ten bucks you can buy the poster below which was custom made by Lure Design for the showing, at the showing.
Picture 22
The Wild Bunch | As a counterpoint to the heroic horde of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, the aging gunmen of Sam Peckinpah’s masterpiece break the very laws of honor which bind them in this bloody and meditative tale of the American West—widely considered to be the self-conscious nail in the coffin of the genre. William Holden, Robert Ryan, and Ernest Borgnine star as the leaders of a grizzled crew of Texan bandits who ride to Mexico, where, one by one, they are unceremoniously slaughtered by a Mexican revolutionary.

Upcoming films in the Cult Classic Series:
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Bound for Glory | September 8th, 9:30 pm