Tweet Seat at War of the Worlds

Cell phones off please sign, Chiropractor office
Tweet tweet | Orson Welles’ War of the World (info) presented by Play the Moment has a new and awesome idea:
War of the Worlds wants you to break the rules. In the spirit of mass media and information sharing, we invite you tweeters to tweet during the show. Share with the world your experience in real time. Help us conduct our own information invasion!

How it works | You’ll show up Saturday August 1st for the 2:00 PM show at Orlando Shakes (John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center) with your Blackberry, Palm Pilot, Iphone, etc—and we will ask you to leave… your cell phone on. We will then usher you to your Tweet Seat (designated area in the theatre just for you!) and you may tweet away during the performance.

Don't twitter from your phone? Sign up for an account on and enable any device you use to send text messages. Use #WotW when tweeting about this event!

For tickets and more information on the show, visit and follow us on Twitter @War0fTheWorlds.