This is a video of the Pepe show from Monday night. I've mentioned this monthly event a few times on this blog. I met with the show's producer a week ago to discuss opportunities for us to cross-promote. We came to an agreement: I'd give them ad space on the blog and presence on the calendar and they'd read off 5 cool things to do in Orlando and call it "The Daily City Hot Shit List." Awesome. We both benefit and everyone wins and Harriett Lake gives us a million dollars.

But then the action in the video above transpires during Monday night's show. Thats them tossing aside my "Shit List" idea. Literally.

I have no ill will against anyone involved with the Pepe show, of course. If you dislike an idea, fine. And if you've agreed to carry out that idea, and you're in the heat of the moment and your show is running long, fine. Thats understandable. But I don't think Scottie or I knew these two performers disliked the idea to begin with.

The bigger thing, the main thing that was lost, besides a little respect, was that the events I listed on that Shit List lost out on a nifty promo effort. So, in order to support this handful of events I think are awesome, I am going to list them here, on this post. Also, the text below is exactly what was printed on the sheets of paper the two performers above tossed into the air. So its almost like being there, minus the tossing.
Tuesday July 14- Bastille Day at Stardust Coffee. 6pm or 9pm depending on where you look. Pat Greene and Alex Boeckl (designer of the brand “Fat American”) are presenting French cinema, pop music, themselves bartending a costume contest. Expect insanity.

Friday July 17- 8am in the goddamn morning, a monthly meeting of nerds drink coffee and talk about geek shit. And Mark Baratelli will be there, too.

July 23- Showdown in O-Town is the National Poetry Slam-style deathmatch of poetry event with 13 amazing Orlando spoken word and poetry performers including those you saw at Poetry Vending Machin at orlando Fringe. $5 at The Cameo Theatre (located in the old Cruises Only building.

July 25- An all-day performance art piece at The Loving Hut called "Brian Feldman Eats Everything off the Menu at Loving Hut", 11am-9pm. Feldman was one of the artists selected to create a piece of art for a winner of the first annual "Patrons Choice Awards" and this is it. Yay art!

August 5- A monthly group-sketching event called Dr Sketchy's Art Show. Bring your pencils, pad, paint, watercolor, whatever, pay $5 and sketch in the comfort and booziness of Tatame in Winter Park. Tatame provides the subject. Past weeks the subject has been a belly dancer, a ninja and a nun. Sketch, drink, repeat.