Sunday Brunch Piano Bar | Parliament House

You wanna talk about Unexpected Orlando?

So last Sunday, Amanda and I are looking for a place to exist out of the pouring rainstorm in between lunch at Ethos and the 4pm showing of "My First Time." I suggest that gay bar in Parramore, but its closed (and the gated parking lot is closed up too).

So I suggest Parliament House cuz its close and probably empty on a Sunday afternoon. We can sit, sipping strong, cheap dranks alone amidst the boom boom music and cigarette stank alone. Nice.

No. We walk in and they are having "Sunday Piano Bar," which I would rename "Gay Church." Professional pianist transposing keys on the spot, everyone in the room making everyone else in the room laugh, awesome singers, horrible singers, free homemade cookies and chicken goulash (cookies and goulash in a gay bar? Unexpected!)

"Gay Church," or whatever THEY want to call it, is every Sunday starting at 1pm-ish. Its as Unexpected Orlando as you can get. Go!

Embarrassing myself:

Embarrassing myself:

My friend Amanda embarrassing myself: