Red Chair Affair auction- we're in!

The Daily City is humbled and excited to announce that it has been selected to have a piece in the auction portion of the 2009 Red Chair Affair. That piece is a chair. Each arts group selected to participate in the auction is given a child-size chair that they then decorate in shades of red and attach prizes to; event tickets, gift certificates and coupons for "experiences." (Our experiences are going to ROCK. More on those later.) Then the chairs are auctioned at the gigantic arts event, "Red Chair Affair," which takes place downtown at Bob Carr, an over 2,000-seat venue, in September. Last year the RCA sold out!

Tuesday afternoon, Jeremy Seghers (producer of the best show at Fringe 2009) kindly picked up our chair from the United Arts office in its original condition: in the box, unassembled and unpainted.

Me being the non-artist, I thumbed through my teensy rollodex of local artists I've met in person and am super-excited to announce that local visual artist Morgan Steele (being featured at Mobile Art Show #1 soon) has agreed to do the artwork for the chair. I will do the grunt work (assemble the chair, prime it with a coat of red paint). He will then layer it with his signature wacky doodles, shapes and characters, all in shades of red.

Stay tuned for photos of his finished work. For now, check out some of his stuff appearing in Mobile Art Show.