Dessert Truck in NYC | MY idea for one in Orlando

Read about the July 20th experience Orlando food blogger "Tasty Chomps" had of buying a Molten Dark Chocolate single-serve cake from a desert truck in the East Village, Manhattan, on his recent vacation. Jealous!

Have I told you my idea for a dessert truck in Orlando? It'd serve two purposes: deliver awesome desserts AND educate the public about the local bakeries and restaurants that serve these desserts.

It'd be a truck run not by a restaurant, but by an outside entity. Me. It'd sell a selection from every local bakery and restaurant and coffee shop, and each product would be labeled with the name of that business.

So, I'd have Pom Pom's cupcakes, Stardust's cookies, and on and on.

Also, I'd have a printed brochure with the name, address and phone number of each participating vendor. And a google map on the back with their locations on it.

It'd be cute and fun and kind of gay. And I'd only have it out at midnight downtown to serve the drunk people.