Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos: Taco Truck Taste Test #2

Taco Truck Taste Test #2 was Tuesday July 28, 2009, at 7pm at the taco truck on the corner of Conway and Curry Ford Road. (What is Taco Truck taste Test?) This truck's main dish was "Mofongo," which is an oily, greasy pile of fried-then-smashed-plantains with your choice of meat on top for the unexpectedly high price of eight dollars. People hung around and ate for about an hour including performance artist Brian Feldman and Sketch artist Thomas Thorspecken, who sketched the event. The next one is Saturday, August 22, 2009.

Mark and Dan Ginader do a quick audio wrap up:

-See photos from the June 30th Taco Truck Taste Test.
-Read an Orlando Weekly article about Taco truck Taste Test.


(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)
(Photo Credit for the above photo: Brian Feldman)



how were the tacos lol

Eric Pinder said...

I enjoyed the experience more than the meal. Hopefully I can make the next one. I never eat at mobile places because I always wonder about the food poisoning possibilities.
But I enjoy the group dynamic of several people trying new food. So thanks! We had a great time. Sorry we couldn't stop and say bye while you were doing your wrap-up.

Mark Baratelli said...

Thanks Eric. It was cool seeing you out there. And yeah, the experience was more fun than the food, I agree. To Tasty Chomps question, the food was not popular with the group.

Rick said...

The Mofongo at that little place in the Milk District is pretty yummy....

Mark Baratelli said...

I am done with Mofongo, but thank you for the recommendation. The next taco truck taste test will be frigging tacos for once.

Stephen J. Miller said...

I had a blast! I'm collecting the whole set!!!

Anonymous said...

Why does some siss..keeps calling this a taco truck? Learn to read, the menu does not state anywhere that they serve tacos! Tacos are from MEXICO, not Puerto Rico! Dah! Another way to steriotype. Some people are too ignorant...

Mark Baratelli said...

Anonymous- You are correct. I should not have used the term "taco truck" when I did this multiple-date event back in 2009. Rest assured it was meant in a defamatory manner. The event, which we did multiple times, was to highlight and bring attention to, the awesome trucks along Semoran and OBT. Thanks for your comment.