Photos | Best of Orlando Party

The giant mounted cover print

7-16-09 | I brought my idea guru Denna with me as my date to the Best of Orlando party at Firestone Thursday night and was out of there by 10:30pm because guru had to be at work early the next day.

The lights were low, the music was loud, and every 30 minutes a new circus-type act came on stage to wow us. One dude balanced, a girl hula-hooped and Varietease danced. I wasn't even expecting a show but we sure got one. My eyes were fixed on the slideshow that flashed three panels of the same slide on a giant wall above the back bar. Each slide showed the first, secnd and thrid place winners of each "Best of Orlando" category. While I was waiting for my slide to pop up, I got a yummy crepe (from the crepe cart parked on the dance floor), said hello to one of the curators for First Thursdays, laughed with the owner of Pom Poms and worshiped at the feet of the writer of the now-defunct "Defame Orlando" blog. Then FLASH, there it was: my slide! I got three pictures of it.

The food table snaked its way around the back wall with bowls of dips and chips, mini towers of ham pinwheels and some stuff I could not identify. When its undefinable, you know its good. And it was. My favorite was the shredded chicken. I forked that into my award-winning mouth with salty pita chips and washed it down with free drinks from the friendly bartenders.

The thump thump music made for a dancey, bouncy atmosphere in which to fork shredded chicken. I liked that they had a quiet room and the smokers' lounge outside for those of us who like to chat. We did the most people watching there, too, as they traveled from the smokers' cage outside to the boom boom dance floor main room.

Out in the quiet room, we met the new president of the Young Democrats, two visual artists I know from Stardust, two women with hair shaped like hats (they were from a saaah-lawn), an event promoter and the dude who spilled his drink on me. To that dude, I'd like to say "Thank you for not kicking my ass when I screamed at you." I was not polite and he took pity on me.

Thank you times 100 to the Orando Weekly for throwing one fun party.

Woo! We're famous!

Meeting Baby Blue Star in PERSON!

You'll see all three of these peeps in an upcoming Mumpsy video

With event promoter Dale and visual artist (I forget the name sorry!!!)

Big Crowd

Big Crowd part Two

Amazing hair/hat hair-do

Amazing hair/hat hair-do #2

Pam Anderson made an appearance

As did this hula hoop chick

The food rocked. Can't go wrong with meatballs.

The crepe cart divas were there, too