Orlando culture pitched as "unexpected" to tourists

I think I understand the idea and goals behind Unexpected Orlando, the tourist-centric effort getting tourists into the local community, but to frame the concept of "Orlando has culture" with "Who Knew?" does not put the city in the best light.
"On your next Orlando vacation, plan an extra day to explore the unexpected local treasures that exist beyond our world-famous theme parks.
Why are they unexpected? Because the same entity that pitches the city as theme park mecca does not pitch it as a city of culture. So, they created a problem that someone now has to fix. And they've chosen themselves to fix it.
"The Unexpected Orlando offers unique natural, cultural and heritage attractions that will change the way you think about Orlando."
"The way you think about Orlando" was created by the CVB, the same entity now exerting an effort to try to change it.
"This guide - which lists more than 100 parks, cultural performances, wildlife experiences and other special interest attractions - will be your roadmap to uncovering the Unexpected Orlando."
And why are they even pushing tourists to our "local treasures"? What does our city have culturally that is SOOO unique and worth yanking a tourist off I-Drive for? I will tell you: nothing. Every city has theatres and art museums and galleries and local restaurants. Every single city. Before you make an effort (that is costing us money) convincing tourists that we have something unique, we have to have something that is actually unique. Otherwise, take that money you're throwing at tourists and spend it on LOCALS. They are the ones these entities are built for.