Opening night Friday for War of the Worlds

WOTW-DailyCityAdFriday night (July 31, 2009) is the opening night of War of the Worlds (info), produced by Play the Moment. Michael Wanzie, the Godfather of Downtown Theatre, is hosting a small pre-show thing 6pm-7:30pm at Savoy in Lake Ivanhoe District. You drink, you schmooze, then you head over to the show, which is right around the corner at Orlando Shakes. Show starts at 8pm. Buy tickets here. It’s a brief one-act. Great way to start off the weekend.
"This is my pick for coolest local show this summer."
-Brian Feldman

"A definite must see event."
-Thomas Thorspecken
Analog Artist Digital World

"Coolest show this summer (that I have not seen yet and that I turned down the chance to perform in)"
-Mark Baratelli