Municipal Art Truck

Have I told you my idea for a Municipal Art Truck? It'd be paid for with a grant. It'd be a truck maintained by the city. You sign up, have it for a week, and can do anything (legal) with it that brings something positive to the city of Orlando.

Artist selling his work in new neighborhood
Theatre troupe performing in/on/around the truck
Cupcake baker giving away cupcakes to promote them
Homeless shelter handing out clothes (and collecting them) across town
The person can paint it, cover it in fur, decorate the interior, hang lights from it, pimp it out to hell and back, so long as they return it in the exact shape they got it in. The person pays nothing except gas and they get to keep it for one week a year. The sign up list opens Jan 1st and only sloses when each week gets filled up. Artists can sign up for a week and then share some of that week's days with friends, sell some to non-friends, or donate them to charity.