We're #1!
The very first MOOM took place July 10, 2009 at 8am at Barnies Coffee in Baldwin Park. (Audio meeting notes) It was a fun happy gathering of creative makers and producers listening, sharing and brainstorming.

Audio Meeting Notes

What is MOOM?
Independent producers of content in any medium meet for an early morning, one-hour, coffee-fueled brainstorm and inspiration thing.

Some proposed ideas:

League of Independent Producers
Some entity that indies and co-dependents can turn to for guidance and assistance. Might also give us a larger voice when acting as a group, say with ad buys, for instance.

The Daily City Fall Indie Arts Preview
30-45 minute live presentation to generate interest in and an awareness of, the projects of the independent producer/maker in Orlando, based on the "Whats Up Downtown?" presentation I saw last week. I will send more info on this once I secure a venue and date.

The Daily City Independent Producers Information Table
I rent a table one Sunday at the Lake Eola Farmers Market (they're only $20), armed with marketing material from various indie artists and groups, and try to drum up interest. If you'd like to participate, send your material to Send me pdf files I can easily print out and low-rez jepgs, or links to high-rez jpegs.

MOOM #1 | June 10, 2009
MOOM #2 | July 24, 2009
MOOM #3 | Aug 14, 2009