Mobile Art Show news

-A jewelry designer I'd met a month ago is consigning an entire box of fantastic rings made from retro jewelry pieces, clay and other found objects. They are cute as hell, handmade and priced to SELL at five damn dollars. Picked up the box today.

-Katie Ball, producer/host of "Art Beat" on the public radio station WUCF, extended a generous invite to come on the show and discuss Mobile Art Show. Katie and I also happen to be two of the three judges in next week's Toasting Competition at Will's Pub Tuesday night, 9pm.

-Mobile Art Show will have a presence at the Dirty South Bike BBQ III August 23, 2009, noon-8pm. I met with Katie at Etoille Boutique and she is generously giving us a space for the UHaul and a space for a table to promo this blog.

(The very first Mobile Art Show is August 5, 2009. Its an art show in a UHaul. From 10am-7pm August 5, it will move around Orlando, parking briefly in parking lots and random spots. Follow the show's twitter account for updated location info.)