The line for free Chipotle | The Video

Reader Watch Me Eat sent me a link to his video of the line at the free burrito day event at the new Chipotle in Winter Springs and ay papi! Not only was the line long, but it was in the RAIN!
Watch Me Eat: "I tried getting a free burrito, but after seeing the line wrapping a quarter of the way around the strip mall in the pouring rain, I decided against it. I hear it took somewhere between 1.5-2 hours to finally get that free food. Chipotle is good, but not that good."
Thank you Watch Me Eat for sending in the video link!

Had I been a small business owner, I would have ATTACKED that line with free samples of coffee, snacks, whatever my product was. Was anyone doing this? Its piggybacking off someone else's event, and I say, if it adds to the enjoyment of those people in that line, whats the harm? Coupons, no. Free samples, yes.