Lady of the Lake donates million dollar loo

Millionairess Harriett Lake has a sense of humor. She of the fur hat and wide money belt gave the Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center one million dollars. Thank you, in all seriousness, for that act. Its amazing, awesome and supportive of the arts, the city and everything about Orlando that is good and virtuous. Praise Lady of the Lake!

In return, this philanthropist funny lady chose, as her thank-you token, to have the downstairs ladies room be named after her. The official name is "Harriett's Ladies Lounge."
For her $1 million gift to the Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center, philanthropist Harriett Lake has selected the first floor ladies room as her legacy naming opportunity affectionately named Harriett’s Ladies Lounge.

With the construction of the performing arts center, signage for Harriett's Lounge will be installed. Located in the central lobby, it is the largest restroom facility in the building.

“This lounge will reflect Harriett's unique personality,” said Board Chairman Jim Pugh. “She obviously has a clear sense of the priorities of the patrons who will utilize the facility.”
I vote Lady of the Lake "Orlando Citizen of the Year."