Is Urban Think THE only local bookstore in town?

There's a sign on the Thornton Park/South Eola/Downtown location of Urban Think Bookstore that says "Orlando's Only Local (or was it independent?) Bookstore" (or was it shop?). The same day I noticed that sign, I found "The Book Worm" in The Milk District."

An Orlando local independent bookstore.

The Book Worm bookstore (shop?) is the size of two fists in a salad bowl. During the five minute visit I paid the teensy place, two older (than me) shoppers roamed the aisles while another one, the wife of one of the roamers, sat on a chair near a stack of antique Saturday Evening Posts. I picked up a Post (a gigantic flimsy mag about anything and everything) and found an ad selling cheap lots for summer homes in Florida. Had they not been priced at $5 a magazine, I would have bought one.

The Book Worm of Orlando | website
MAP | 2400 E Washington St, Orlando, FL 32803
Hours: Mon-Thur 10am-7pm, Fri & Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Closed


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