Disney does Improv Everywhere

I personally think a Disney audience would find this viral video charming. Kudos to Disney for the effort. You might ask "What are they selling?" I dunno. I assume some kind of package where you pay Disney to help you set up the perfect proposal event. Lights, characters, location, privacy, etc. If anyone knows, share. (Thank you to Christian D for bringing this to our attention)
The comments the video has ellicited are equally funny:

Ok, this is seriously the GAYEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I loathe every second of it, and I'm insulted that Disney would even consider people might find this to be even slightly authentic.

Yes! This absolutely AWFUL! Yuck!

I saw this like 3 months ago and it made dry heave

Could they have gotten a gayer "groom?"

Really???...Please and I thought I was gay...

I did that guy last week

OH MY GOD! i want the light up electric wheelchair!

How many "S"'s in "girlfriend"?

People are calling Disney now asking "How much for the engagement package I saw on the net?" Disney Execs. go "Hmmmmm..."

Just finished watching the whole thing. I love awkward and this is...AWKWARD! WTF is this anyway???

okay I guess I need to watch it....

Um, yes...you do. If for nothing else, the wheelchair choreography.

And the merchandise...

I love it. Its so douchey, which is what the disney audience loves. You should know.

okay, so this is a little pre parade " show " they do? WTH is this??? Um not going to lie though, I LOVE the custodian " I think it's in my dustpan........" LOL!

it's worse than that 'Stitch' show..gwrououwlllff! hey, sweeper man, clean this up!


i think its wonderful. Awesome idea. Seriosly.

okay lets get to work on one for Universal.

Gay marriage propsal

I actually had to watch it again. This is the best train wreck ever. Yes, Summer, I love the engagement ring exchange: "Oh, here it is...in my GARBAGE."

Sadly, I think Disney for some reason tried to pass this off as a real event that occurred at the park with a real couple. Uh huh.

that would go SOOOO viral online!!!!!!

You mean his "Paper cup" when it's clearly plastic?? It's even the same number of syllables!

Really Christian? Like this couple came to Disney and said we want this?

I guess. Apparently Disney put this online as viral marketing, and they're trying to pass it off as being real.


Find me the article that says ANYone is caling this "real." its a viral video to promote the parks, its a commercial and its cleary co-opted from improv everywhere. I mean, no one will think this show is real.

Ah, you're right. It was actually created as a viral ad... I mean obviously it's staged, but by the way the video is presented it appears to be trying to convince people this couple is real and Disney helped them out with their proposal. But it's still hillariously terrible.

I hate these people.

And, I just vomited.

It brings a whole new meaning to the word "viral". I think I'm going to be sick.

I don't think anyone with any intelligence would buy this as "real". Of course, Bush got elected for two terms...so sadly, there are probably some out there that would.

*vomits* so would the 2 guys that ran up to him after she said yes be his jealous lovers?

and does the girl at the end not realize that it wasnt a wedding, but a proposal...a very very gay proposal.

i might need to watch that again for giggles.. damn u. LOL

him: "thanksssssssssssssssssssssss everybodyyyyyyyyyy"..........this was f-ing insulting and ridiculous....lol!!

I think MIMI from The Drew Carey Show would have been appropriate for this, now that would be Disney humor~