Brian Feldman Eats Everything Off the Menu at Loving Hut, Day #1

In May 2009, Loving Hut restaurant won Favorite Food Vendor at the 2009 Patrons Choice Awards held on the outdoor stage at the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival. Each award came with a custom piece of visual art created by a local Orlando visual artist, and curated by Jessica Earley.

Performance Artist Brian Feldman presented himself as an award to Loving Hut the night of the awards; agreeing to stage a performance art piece at Loving Hut wherein he eats one of everything off their all-vegan menu.

Loving Hut owner David with artist Feldman

On Saturday July 25, 2009, Felman carried out his piece from 11am to 9pm. Feldman, dressed in the outfit the employees where and sitting at a table facing the entire restaurant, was served each dish separately by the employees, as he ordered it off the menu.

After he ate each menu item, he crossed them off on a giant leader board behind him.

Occasionally he would take breaks.

Here's what his breaks looked like.

The owner of Loving Hut, David, helped with the proceedings.

Orlando Sentinel photographer Matt Simantov covered the proceedings.

I like taking pictures of people taking pictures.

A lot.

And video, too.

One of the meals the restaurant prepared for the observers of the piece.

Feldman didn't get to every single item on the menu Saturday, so he came back on Sunday for Day Two, which I regret to say I did not cover due to scheduling conflicts.