500 Days of Summer | Movie Review

Movie Review
500 Days of Summer
By Mark Baratelli

I saw the sneak preview of "500 Summers" last night. Lindsay Lohan used to be into cutting. I was very much into cutting after this movie. There's a play called 52 Pickup that worked the Fringe circuit where a couple's courtship and final break-up were divided into 52 scenes. A deck of cards was thrown into the air, with each card representing a scene, and they played the scenes in the random order the toss created. This movie used that to structure its editing.

I did not enjoy the production I saw of the play in New York City and I did not enjoy this movie. Zooey Doochoomoomoo is one of the good actors, but this movie was not creative enough for her, it appeared to me. (listen to a 2008 NPR interview)

Zooeys character is named Summer. She dates and dumps a guy. In the final scene post-dump, the dude meets a girl named "Autumn." Rimshot.

The movie says there is no fate, only coincidence. Its only coincidence then that in June I heard (and recommend) the 6/15/09 and 6/29/09 episodes of the WNYC RadioLab podcast talking about coincidence. (Search for "radiolab" in itunes or use their RSS feed)

Those two episodes are more interesting than this movie.

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