YHTM: Nicholas Mitchell aka NEM

He will sketch you in this manner for $20

Nicholas Mitchell was born in Tampa Florida in 1980. He studied commercial/Digital graphic art, and soon after pursued his love for caricatres. In 2000 Nick startted his art career with Kaman's Art Shoppes and quickly moved up to management. In order to pursue caricatures further, in 2003 he joined the national Caricature Network. Through the NCN Nick has numerous pieces of art shown in its magazine Exaggerated Features, and won 3rd place for "Beast Studio Caricature" in Las Vegas 2005.

Nick has also been to Germay to study under caricature legend Sebastian Kruger. There he worked on a piece for the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hannover Germany.
"The perfect marriage of bold graphics and a painterly sensibility, of substle manipulation and grotesque exaggeration, whimsy and acidic commentary, Nick has elevated the art form of caricature to enen higher plateaus."
-Dion Socia, former 2 term NCN President
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