Why is science and history being funded with arts money?

For 2009, United Arts of Central Florida raised more than $3.1 million in its campaign to fund arts and approved nearly $1.7 million worth of grants to the following 13 groups:
Orlando Museum of Art | $283,261

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra | $244,721

Orlando Ballet | $225,734

Orlando Science Center | $199,943

Orlando Shakespeare Theater | $120,775

Bach Festival Society | $91,345

Orlando Repertory Theatre | $67,736

Festival of Orchestras | $67,909

Enzian Theater | $43,607

Crealdé School of Art | $45,121

Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community | $42,541

Maitland Art Center | $36,152

Orange County Regional History Center | $27,163
This just might be my complete and total ignorance on this topic, but while these history and science entities are wonderful and deserve all the funding they can get, why is money from United ARTS (underline the word arts) funding entities not even involved in art? (Orlando Science Center | The History Center | Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community)

Again, this could be my ignorance speaking, but is there no history or historical preservation fund? Science and education fund? If so, then why are these groups dipping into the arts pocket? If not, then why are there not dedicated sources to fund the sciences and history programs in this city?

I am ready to be proven wrong! Bring it!