Urban Think Bookstore loses Infusion Tea and Cottage Industries

Urban Think Bookstore in Thornton Park* has some big changes ahead of it and none of them have to do with books.

The tea shop "Infusion Tea," located inside the store, is now closed. I was told what is taking its place, but was asked not to say on this blog yet. Its other location on Edgewater Drive is still open. Also, all of the locally-made art once displayed in an odd corner in the back of Urban THhink by the arts collective called "Cottage Industries," has been shipped off to its other location on Edgewater Drive, which it shares with Infusion Tea.

We were told the Edgewater Drive location of Cottage Industries is taking off rather. It is no longer being run by Infusion Tea, but by the artists themselves. And I found out the artist who made that floppy disk journal I wrote about weeks ago, almost sold out of all of her stock right before Fathers Day. Congratulations!

Some people think the readon Infusion didn't do well and Dandelion isn't doing well is that these businesses have problems serving hot tea in hot weather. I disagree. IF you have an educated guess why these two businesses aren't doing so well, please share.

*Can we please just call Thornton Park what it really is? Downtown. Just because its a few blocks away from downtown, we have to give it a name other than "downtown?" No.