Orlando Shakes and Penthouse Energy Drink

Orlando Shakes just sent out a tweet saying "Photos from the Wine Tasting at Total Wine & More last night!" with a link to said photos. Well sure I'd like to see photos from a wine event hosted by Shakes. Sounds classy.

I click on the link and it takes me to a site called "Orlando Guest List.com." The first thing I see is an ad for a Penthouse (the magazine) energy drink. Wow. Then I click around (the site, not the Shakes' photos- see UPDATE below) and I find photos like the one seen above. Wow, Penthouse Energy Drink, two drunk dudes with marker all over their face... and Orlando Shakes' wine fundraiser? On the same photo sharing site?

Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with photo sites like these. The business/venue I guess gets free photo coverage of their events in exchange for the photo site being able to place ads next to these photos to make a little money.

I just think Shakes may want to hire a photog and control where their photos appear to avoid any sort of problems.

Here's my idea: Makers of these sites? Are you listening? Make a site for events like Orlando Shakes' wine tasting... make it for fundraisers, arts events, things like that that do not involve push up bras and drunk bros passed out on top of each other. That way, groups like Orlando Shakes don't run into the chance of having one of their top doners' photo appearing right next to an ad for Penhouse Energy Drink and everyone is happy.

UPDATE: 12:17pm When I said "Then I click around and I find photos like the one seen above" what I was hoping to get across is that I clicked around the site, not the collection of Orlando Shakes photos. That photo is obviously not from the Orlando Shakes event. I was trying to show examples of other content that exists on the site that I saw before I even clicked on a single Orlando Shakes thumbnail. It was my user experience and was not intended to make Shakes look bad, obviously. It was intended to show that Shakes might not want their photos posted on that site.

(All photos on this post are credited to OrlandoGuestList.com)