Orlando INTERNATIONAL Puppet Festival

Orlando Puppet Festival
July 10, 21, 25, 26
Orlando Shakespeare Theater | 812 E. Rollins St. Orlando, FL 32803
Orlando Repertory Theatre | 1001 East Princeton St. Orlando, FL 32803
Tickets: 407.896.7365x1 or orlandorep.com

"No need to travel: The Orlando International Puppet Festival brings the world (of puppets from other countries) to you. IBEX Puppetry partners with The Orlando Repertory Theatre during the REP's annual Target Family Theatre Festival and co-hosts MicheLee Puppets and Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre."

El Hombre Cigüeña ("The Stork Man")
by Los Titiriteros de Binéfar
Co-presented by MicheLee Puppets
Friday, July 10th @2pm & 7pm | all ages
Orlando Shakespeare Theater ($12)

Poli Dégaine ("Punchy Draw")
by Compagnie La Pendue
Tuesday, July 21st @ 2pm & 7pm | Ages 12 & up
Orlando Repertory Theatre ($12)

Nosferatu ("Dracula")
by Bob Théâtre
Co-presented by Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre
Saturday July 25th @11am & 7pm
Recommended for ages 12 & up (No one under 8 admitted)
Orlando Shakespeare Theater ($12)

The Box? A Show of Feelings
by Coad Canada Puppets
Sunday July 26th @11am & 1pm
Recommended for all ages!
Orlando Shakespeare Theater ($6)

Emilio and the Enchanted Cow
by Marionetas de la Esquina
Sunday July 26th @ 4pm (en espanol) & 7pm
Recommended for all ages!
Orlando Shakespeare Theater ($12)

Special Events
by Amy Rush
Find a parking place and we'll bring the show to you!

Handmade Puppet Dreams
Films for the International Community
Saturday, July 25th @2pm
Orlando Shakespeare Theater (Free)

Crossing Borders
UNIMA presentation
Saturday July 25th @4pm
Orlando Shakespeare Theater (Free)