MP3 Experiment June 24

Orlando's first MP3 Experiment (based on the Improv Everywhere model) will take place right after Ignite Orlando, which is Wednesday, June 24th from 6:30pm to 10:00pm at Slingapours on Wall Street Plaza (17 Wall Street Plaza, Orlando, FL | MAP).

In order to participate in the MP3 experiment, you must come prepared:
1. Download this MP3 (right click and "save as" to download) The filename for the track is “MP3_Experiment_Orlando_One.mp3″ and the album, artist, and track name will be “Mp3 Experiment Orlando One". The track is 18:10 and around 16.6MB.

2. Load your track onto your MP3 player (iPod, iPhone, or other non Apple device)

3. Do not listen to the track (for the best experience)

4. Come to Ignite Orlando with your mp3 player and headphones. If you're feeling really nice, come with more then one mp3 player and headphones. Iinevitably people will forget theirs.

5. After the Ignite Talks are over, Gregg will direct you when to press play on your mp3 player.

6. Listen to the mp3 with everyone else and have a great time.
Voice & Editing: Gregg Pollack | Music: Tyler Walker and dr. xnlb (Eric Marden) | Creative Assistance: Mark Baratelli