Migration 4: Doug Rhodehamel at Juicy Temples

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009, Juicy Temples and the Shoot Studio will host an installation art piece by Orlando artist Doug Rhodehamel (Migration2 at RS21 | Mushrooms at Orlando Fringe).

His Migration series are installations of hundreds of tiny four-legged creatures sometimes made from matchsticks and others times from clay. This time around, Doug introduces "Hammerhead Cows" made from matchbook covers by way of origami.

Along with the Migration, Doug is showing a series of his paintings called "Fostercows" which will also be available for sale on limited edition mugs and t-shirts.

The installation is a one-night-only event July 2nd, 7pm-11pm (1807 East Winter Park Road, across street from Stardust Coffee | MAP)
Migration2 at RS21

Doug installing the mushrooms at Orlando Fringe